About Us

Our Story

Bus Bum was founded in 2020 with the idea of protecting one from the germs that we all encounter on outdoor and indoor surfaces. It started out as a small prototype made from scrap fabric in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment, and it has grown to be so much more today. The anti-microbial and durable materials used to create Bus Bum are sure to make one feel protected against unknown germs. We want nothing more than to protect our customers and provide them with the utmost comfort.

Bus Bum is black owned and female owned. California Native and founder, Alexandria Hood, grew up in Santa Barbara, CA and later moved to Los Angeles for Fashion school. Coming from a background of fashion, design, art and production, she was confident that she could create something special. Silly as it may sound, while riding the bus to brunch one day Alex sat in pee in one of the seats and thus Bus Bum was born. No idea is too small. Alexandria plans to continue creating useful pieces that you will be able to use and store away for a lifetime.